You Let Me Down “America”

Today I woke up feeling deceived and in complete disappointment, The United States of America, or “America” as the rest of the world likes to refer to you, manage to drain the last drop of faith I had in you and you let me down. Despite popular opinion, despite extreme right wing media,despite ignorance and despite all your successful attempts to turn this election into a reality show, I still believed. I believed that today the feeling would be different, that sanity and common sense would take center stage once again, that you would undermine the constant smear campaign and all the fallacies this campaign has been known for and look that the numbers, facts and progress on the ballot instead of the color.

You let me down by doing the exact opposite of what you were supposed to do, it was easy, it was very simple but no, you let me down by not looking past sexism, by not thinking racism, bigotry, misogyny, homophobia and many other shouts of ignorance were NOT fundamental breaking points , you let me down by choosing the interest of a few and leaving outside of your ballot such important decisions like, gender equality, immigration policies, universal healthcare, green policies, climate change, minimum wage, public safety,civil rights, foreign policy that are amongst the many issues that just do not seem important enough for you to look past your hatred and dislike for the sane and logical candidate.
Congratulation “America” you did! You manage to prove right your detractors, your critics and non-believers, each one of those same individuals we were able to prove wrong 8 years ago, when change seem like a reality and not an utopia, when you embrace it and young voters took the fight to the polls to start diversifying the face of this nation and making sure the world took notice, and that maybe, just maybe you were not the nation they thought you were, that maybe there was still hope, that maybe change was possible and that maybe things will turn out for the best.

Today, YOU truly let me down by not choosing the rational, smart and logical option, but instead falling victim to lies and manipulation, to the desperation and words that feed your most dishonest feelings and frightening words that the entire world is repulsed by, the entire world is watchful, fearful and you haven’t taken the time to ask why!

What many saw as an impossible outcome it became a frightening reality, the 2016 election has taught us many things about the United States of America and I can’t help by looking at each one of them in true horror since many of them are right down awful, unethical, unreasonable and disgusting.

“America” Congratulation you let me down!  #WTFUSA


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